strategic marketing & business communications
Helena Izhoykina
audit, innovations & growth strategies
brand strategy & communications
website development & design
social & digital
content marketing & design
public relations & new media
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golubitskoe art foundation
2020 | consulting | branding | website development
international art residency the Taman Peninsula - BELUGA GROUP
longpray records
2021 | website development consulting | branding | communications | website development | social | digital | content | public relations | new media | community
a Moscow-based record store with a strong selection of avant-garde, underground, experimental music and top mainstream
alchemy concepts
2021 | website development | maintenance
a wellness advisory & development company, designing innovative strategies for communities, real estate and hospitality projects
angela domenici
2021 | website development | maintenance | consulting
a strategic creative consultancy with over 3 decades of experience in entertainment, kids publishing, wellness and lifestyle
fivelements habitat hk
2019 | website development | consulting | social | digital | content | KOL
a city membership wellness destination in Hong Kong
fivelements retreat bali
2012-2019 | digital marketing | consulting | social | digital | KOL | awards | PR | content
an award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali
legal note
All of the images featured in the site belong to each of the companies and brands that have commissioned the work to Helena Izhoykina. The images are just to highlight the work and Helena Izhoykina does not own any right of reproduction for commercial use.

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