For the body: jogging good, sitting bad - we all know it, right? But for me, the most important in regular runs are benefits for the mind.

My running routine no doubts confer a number of positive mental effects:

⚡️ Going for a jog literally improves my mood and gets the mind off the troubles.

⚡️ Runs release of endorphins. Hi babies! The endorphin rush I feel during regular runs eventually leads to a general sense of happiness, scientists explain.

⚡️ The will and strength that gets me out the door when I’d rather skip a run are what, in return, gives me strength in other areas of my life.

⚡️ As a cardio, jogging sends more nourishing blood to the brain, which helps me think more clearly after a run.

⚡️ Running improves my cognitive flexibility, the ability to change between mental tasks quickly and efficiently. Not sure how it works, but I really can easily switch my focus between different types of tasks.

Just do it! #justdoit

PS: I decided not to chase for the Nike Run Club @nikerunning Blue Level, I don’t feel I can anyhow benefit from this achievement. And it’s hard and would be too intense. Do I want it? Maybe, but... It’s surely not in my priorities for now.

❤️ But I thank you all for your support and for believing in me. This made me feel I could do it.

And I actually can. Just don’t want to. it.

PPS: AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY JOGGING GIRLFRIENDS @slovoblydie & @aleks.zhukovskaya