“I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. After my school years, full of fun and creativity, I graduated from The British College of Banking and Finance.

My early twenties I spent as a member of a film-making team, travelling around the globe. I was producing and organizing journeys to the most remote places on Earth, writing and publishing travelogues in the top travel and lifestyle magazines. The country we travelled most often to is Indonesia. I've been in love with Indonesia since 2002.

Then I moved back to Moscow to continue my education. I’ve got a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in Advertising and a Master’s degree in Philology in The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, also known as RUDN University @rudn_university

During my years of study, I was invited to work for @icontextgroup.ru iConText, Russia, as a PR Manager, soon I got appointed as a Director of Public Relations. This was truly an amazing time of great projects with smart and talented professionals. My experience in digital marketing and PR has been gained around top marketing companies in Russia, creating efficient communication strategies and marketing approaches together with super pros. Lucky me.

As a traveller and a digital marketing expert, I’ve got over 15 publications in top lifestyle, travel and business magazines in Russia, and was quoted in books about digital marketing.

And now, I am here in Bali again, good evening everybody ❤️”


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